Twill Tape Machine

The twill tape has a unique herringbone weave, so also be called herringbone tape. The twill tape main purpose is to modify and stabilize the seam. Which can be made of cotton, linen, polyester or wool It is made and has various widths, colors and designs.

We also provide a superior range of Twill Tape High Speed Needle Loom Machine to our clients, which is especially designed for Jumbo Bag (FIBC) Lifting Belt, Elastic, Twill Tape, Ribbon, Crepe Bandage Tape and Webbings. Our range is facilitated with centralized lubricating system and has auto-stop motion in warp, weft and nip roller. It also has back frame in scope of supply.

Warping Machine

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A warp machine is a machine used in the textile industry to prepare the longitudinal threads (warp) for threading. The warp machine is responsible for winding the yarn onto a warp beam, sizing the yarn, and arranging the threads in the proper configuration for use on a loom.

This method is used for small-scale production and is a simple process of winding the yarn onto the warp beam. The yarns are wound directly from the creel onto the warp beam without passing through a sizing bath.


Hi-speed Braiding Machine

High speed braiding machine can used various yarn braided different types of the products, like shoelce, climbing rope, luggage rope and etc. High speed braiding machines normally equipped with programmable logic controller (PLC), automatic mass adjusting and motor-driven yarn feeders, so that to make the operation simple and easy.

Meanwhile, compared to normal braiding machine, high speed braiding machines save costs of labour, electricity and time. Simplified adjustment, which is 3 times faster than the normal traditional braiding machine. Usually, use with bobbin winder machine.